Fieldwork February2015

Whilst we came in February to see the rains arrive at Edgbaston, only signs of previous drenching were to be found.  However, signs and signals abounded with flood damage, lowlands filled with waterholes and more ‘neutral’ acidic conditions in the springs.

This trip saw the last collection of my descriptive data set that will now be collated.  From this data I will start answering questions about how springs differ, why particular species are only found in one spring but not another, and how seasonal shifts in climate and rainfall affect where species are found within and between springs.

We also saw some company arrive this trip with a troop from the University of Canberra and the Edgbaston ‘local’ Dr Adam Kereszy busting into the park on our last few days to check out the amazing fishes of Edgbaston.


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