Field trip Autumn2014

Our first field trip for the beginning of the descriptive sampling set that will form the spine of my PhD.

On this trip we visited 10 springs that will be sampled every season for the next year.  In this sampling, I am looking to build a large associational dataset whereby a number of spots are sampled across the whole spring, within which we have information about the physical factors and the abundance of my six focal species of endemic snail.

One of the highlights of this trip was spending a lot of time in the springs at night time.  So many animals you never see in the day are out and about once it gets dark.  It’s the best time to see the larger more mobile animals like frogs and large predatory insects, as well as the fabled ‘green highlighter leech’ and the Edgbaston Goby (another endemic fish on Edgbaston apart from the more famed Red-finned Blue-eye).

Thanks to Sasha Jooste and Flynn Rush for their help in the field.


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